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Indonesia style boat wood furniture


Transform your space with Weatherproof  Indoor/Outdoor designs. Read our important information before ordering any boatwood furniture. We can make any piece of boat furniture you find on the internet. It will be made from new, clean cypress wood the #1 wood for outdoor furniture and boat building in the United States. Your shipwreck furniture will be coated in Clear West System Epoxy that will stay clear outside and last hundreds of years! It will be painted with the 1-4 colors you choose. There is a special painting technique we use to make it look like painted boat wood and not distressed. We make each piece custom so your furniture will be the exact size you want. It will be built for you in a few weeks, rather than waiting for a few months. We can send you one piece via UPS or we can design and build an entire furniture collection for a restaurant, home or store. Any rustic furniture can be made into boatwood style.

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