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About me

My name is Michael Wiles and I started St Augustine Furniture.  I just wanted to make some nautical outdoor furniture for my home.  Friends and family came over to my home by the St. Augustine pier and wanted to buy the pieces I made.  So I started making fish adirondack chairs and lifeguard chairs. People started bringing me pictures of things they wanted,  so I would make whatever they wanted me to. Then I would post on this site and the orders kept coming in. Eventually I was able to quit my job as a Internet Marketing Guru. Everything I make is made from Cypress and Simpson stainless steel from Builders Stainless in St Augustine.  I have lived at the beach all my life and I never liked rusty furniture. I support local businesses and buy all my wood at a Florida Cypress mill in Williston, FL run by an older couple, Bubba and Dixie. Like every great business I started my business at my home, there is nothing like free rent.  Microsoft and Apple started in their garages as well. I have opened a store on Dixie Hwy because I need help keeping up with all the new orders. I have been working at this for 7 days a week for a few years now and I am shipping furniture all over the world.  The coolest orders are new custom orders that end up being a big hit online. I think of my furniture as art and hopefully, I can make something you want too. 

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