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New and Used Wine, Whiskey, Bourbon Barrels in Every Size
We sell used oak barrels at wholesale prices. We are the largest wine and whiskey barrel cooperage in the Southeast United States. We can sell you from 1-1,000 wood barrels of any size and type. We are selling single barrels at wholesale prices with additional discounts on 10+ barrel orders. We can deliver large quantities of barrels anywhere in the United States. 
 ATTN:  We have new barrels in 8 sizes.  These will be sold at wholesale prices to the public. 

1 Liter $35
Shipping $10
2 Liter $39
Shipping $10
3 Liter $49
Shipping $15
5 Liter $60
Shipping $20
10 Liter $89
Shipping $25
20 Liter(5G) $129
Shipping $30
15 Gallon $199
Shipping $50
30 Gallon $299
Shipping $60
53 Gallon Whiskey $99
Shipping -See Map
Call To Order
59 Gallon Wine $99
Shipping- See Map
Call To Order
Half Barrel $75
Planter Style
Shipping - See Map
Half Barrel $149
Vertical Cut
Shipping- See Map
Call To Order

Barrels and Furniture

We make all types of barrel furniture from wine and whiskey barrels.  Our range includes: wine barrel Adirondack chairs and rockers to complete barrel bars for restaurants. If you are looking for that Rustic, Western, or Old World nautical look, we can make it for you. Do you need one for a man cave or an entire restaurant? Find a piece of furniture made from barrels below or send a picture from somewhere else for a price quote.


Whiskey Barrel Table 36" Tall, 42" Wide $499 


Whiskey Barrel Trash Can Rope Handle 35" Tall



30" High whiskey barrel cooler

$499 (Southeast Delivery Only)


Whiskey Barrel Tub Cooler + Caster Wheels



 Barrel Rocking Chair

Wine Barrel (Red-Maroon) Whiskey Barrel (Black)

$399                                   $399


3D Barrel Trash Cans

Wine Barrel      Whiskey Barrel

$349                      $349


Barrel Coffee Table - Glass or Wood Top

Wine Barrel     Whiskey Barrel

$449                   $449  


Whiskey barrel vanity with copper sink



Whiskey barrel bottle display


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